Frequently Asked Questions About Our Quote Builder & Products

NAWL is a Dealer supplier and does not compete with dealers but does partner on many projects and even at times handles the project turn key for a Dealer.

Never. We keep your information and your quotes private and they will not be shared with another company or individual.

It’s actually for your convenience where you can get pricing fast and save time. We created the online quote system to allow users to access pricing and prepare a quick quote online and then download it 24/7.

Creating your own quote is a lot like creating a shopping list online. First, select your ship from location of Texas, then enter amounts on the left column for the items you want to order. It automatically totals at the bottom. Once you’re complete, Confirm your quote and it will take you to a new page where you can download as a PDF or CSV file.

For uprights and beams, you’ll need two Wedge Anchors per upright.

For Cantilever, you’ll need the following :

  1. For every cantilever base use 6 Hex bolts w/nuts for each base
  2. For every cantilever arm use 4 Hex bolts w/nuts for each arm
  3. For every cantilever brace use 5 Hex bolts w/nuts for each brace
  4. For every cantilever strut use 2 Hex bolts w/nuts for each strut

Download complete Cantilever Installation Instructions here.

We currently ship from a Texas location. If you’re interested in doing direct ship from the manufacturer, that can be arranged. Just reach out to for more details on container shipments.

At this time, once you create a quote it becomes a part of your Quote History and it cannot be modified once confirmed. You can save your Quote History for as long as you like. If you want it to be deleted, please send an email to and request your Quote ID #### be removed.

The Quote Builder was designed to give dealers a tool to get information and pricing quickly. It also includes a discount at different volume levels. To be sure we’ve got all the hardware and extras you need, once you decide to process your order, we will prepare a Sales Order Confirmation for your final review. Once signed, your order will be scheduled for pick-up or delivery.

We are happy to acquire shipping and handling charges for you. If you require us to book the freight, we will and some handling fees will apply.