Cantilever Structural Rack

Cantilever rack is a resourceful storage solution for long, bulky or irregular shaped items. At North American Wholesale Logistics, we exclusively sell structural cantilever rack shown in blue. This heavy duty rack is a bolted, not welded assembly and easy to install.

How to Determine Cantilever Hardware Needed

  1. For every cantilever base use 6 Hex bolt w/nut for each base
  2. For every cantilever arm use 4 Hex bolt w/nut for each arm
  3. For every cantilever brace use 5 Hex bolt w/nut for each brace
  4. For every cantilever strut use 2 Hex bolt w/nut for each strut

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Cantilever Instruction Guide

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Cantilever Structural Rack Components

36″ Strut36″ Bar9.4 Blue
48″ Strut48″ Bar12.5 Blue
60″ Strut60″ Bar15.5 Blue
72″ Strut72″ Bar18.3 Blue
96″ Strut96″ Bar21.1 Blue
12″ Stopper12″ Stopper2.7 Blue
24″ Stopper24″ Stopper3.6 Blue
Hex Bolt w/Nut3/4″ x 2″0.1 Gray
12′ Column (144″)5″ x 10″ Structural21612,5000/SideBlue
16′ Column (192″)5″ x 10″ Structural28811,500/sideBlue
3 ft X-Brace36″ Bar33.3 Blue
4 ft X-Brace48″ Bar40.8 Blue
5 ft X-Brace60″ Bar48.3 Blue
6 ft X-Brace72″ Bar55.9 Blue
8 ft X-Brace96″ Bar62.9 Blue
Cantilever Shim9-3/8″ x 4-5/8″ Plate1.4 Blue
36″ BaseSingle Base57.2 Blue
48″ BaseSingle Base76.2 Blue
54″ BaseSingle Base84.5 Blue
60″ BaseSingle Base92.9 Blue
36″ x 4″ ArmI-Beam24.72400Blue
36″ x 4.75″ ArmI-Beam313571Yellow
48″ x 4″ ArmI-Beam31.51840Blue
48″ x 4.75″ ArmI-Beam39.52500Yellow
54″ x 4.75″ ArmI-Beam45.52344Blue
60″ x 4.75″ ArmI-Beam68.62500Blue