Roll Form Teardrop Pallet Rack

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Universal Beams & Frames

Versatile and cost-effective, our universal pallet rack systems are the ideal solution for a wide variety of warehouse storage applications. NAWL offers tear drop roll-formed pallet rack made from high strength cold-rolled steel.

Our interchangeable beams and frames are available in a variety of sizes and load capacities.

  • Highly adaptable
  • Universal Design
  • Double Deep Capability
  • Easy to Install
  • Easily Repaired

Quick Ship Availability

Ready to ship in 72 hours or less, our in-stock beams, frames, and accessories are available for projects large and small.


Beams attach to upright frames in pairs to form horizontal shelves where pallets are loaded for storage. Each pair slides into the teardrop holes of the frame to form the desired shelf level. 

Beams are available in a variety of lengths, widths, and gauges. Wire decking can be placed on top of the beams for added safety. Safety clips are included with each beam to prevent dislodging.


  • Manufactured from roll-formed steel
  • Welded connectors, no bolts required
  • Easy to install and highly adjustable
  • Easy access for forklifts
  • Corrosion-resistant orange paint
  • Available beam widths: 48”, 96”, 108”, 120",  144”
  • Available face widths: 4”, 4.5”, 5”, 6”
  • Steel thickness: Multiple Gauges

Upright Frames

Frames consist of two columns, horizontal bracing, diagonal bracing, and footplates. All NAWL frames are equipped with a teardrop punch on 2” centers.

Frames attach to interchangeable beams to form shelves or beam levels. The distance between each vertical beam level affects the load capacity of the rack. As spacing between each beam level increases, the load capacity of the rack decreases.


  • Manufactured from roll formed steel
  • Available knocked down or assembled
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Available frame heights: 96”, 120", 144”, 196”, 240”, 264”, 288”, 300”, 336”
  • Available frame depths: 24", 36”, 42” x 48”
  • Steel thickness: 12-16 gauge
  • Teardrop punch


Choose from a wide selection of pallet rack accessories including row spacers, shims, column protectors, and more. 


Pallet Rack Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide custom pallet rack products?

Yes. We can provide tailored pallet rack solutions. Lead time to deliver custom products is generally 16 to 20 weeks.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are produced world class manufacturing facilities located overseas. Our international supplier partners adhere to the strictest standards for quality and safety.

Do you provide installation services?

At this time, we do not provide installation services. For technical support related to installation, please contact a member of our sales team.

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